Administrative Team

Horne A-Team 2016-2017.JPG

Back (left to right) – Ashley Letsos, Primary Coach; Colleen Mangold, SGRI & Dyslexia; Melinda Potlongo, SpEd Coach; Toni Speer, Math Coach; Wendy Jensen, Nurse; Jennifer Niesner, Counselor; Jessica Jahn, Science IS; Sam Colwell-Illanne, Reading/LA Coach; Ingrid Rogers, Diagnostician; Rhonda Esterak, Media Specialist; Jill Hill, Campus Secretary

Front (Left to Right) Karen Richardson, AP; Stephanie Thomas, Principal; Gustavo Orozco, AP

  • Principal – Stephanie Thomas
  • Assistant Principal – Gustavo Orozco
  • Assistant Principal – Karen Richardson
  • Counselor – Jennifer Niesner
  • Diagnostician – Ingrid Rogers
  • Nurse – Wendy Jensen
  • Librarian – Rhonda Esterak
  • Primary Coach – Ashley Letsos
  • Math Coach – Toni Speer
  • Science Coach – Jessica Jahn
  • Reading/LA Coach – Samantha Colwell-Illanne
  • Special Education Coach – Melinda Potlongo
  • Dyslexia Specialist – Colleen Mangold
  • Secretary to the Principal – Jill Hill  

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